UK HFS Specifications

In 1995, the Highways Agency, County Surveyors’ Society, and the British Board of Agrément organized the Highways Authorities Product Approval Scheme, known as HAPAS, to develop national approval arrangements for innovative products, materials and systems for use in highways and related areas.

HAPAS was formed to ensure consistency and high quality products used in the UK. In order for an innovative product to be used in the UK,  it must pass a series of laboratory and field tests, site inspections, and evaluation of the source production. Any manufacturer or vendor must adhere to HAPAS approval processes, and if successful, will obtain a Certificate.

Certification process for HFS manufacturers: In order for an HFS system to be certified under HAPAS, it must follow the Guidelines Document for the Assessment and Certification of High-Friction Surfacing for Highways.

Certification process for HFS installers: Installers of any HFS systems in the UK must be certified, and must follow the Assessment and Surveillance Scheme for Installers of High-Friction Surfacing for Highways.

Certified vendors and installers can also be found on the HAPAS website, along with a copy of their certificate.

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All information on these websites is free: HAPAS website and BBA website.