Testing of SEAHC Demonstrations

For each SEAHC HFS installation, friction and texture testing were conducted on the existing pavement surface just before application of the HFS material, and on the finished surface immediately following HFS application.

The following tests were conducted at each site:

  • Dynamic Friction Tester (ASTM E 1911)
  • Circular Track Meter (ASTM E 2157)
  • GripTester (ASTM E 1844 / BS7941)
  • Volumetric Macrotexture Depth (“Sand Patch” – ASTM E 965)
  • RoboTex Texture Measurement (ISO 13473)

Tests were conducted in the right wheelpath and center of the lane at 2-4 locations per site, depending on the section length.  The same tests will be conducted again at each site approximately one year after the HFS was installed.


friction and skid