Articles, Reports, Papers

Gaining Traction In Roadway Safety – Public Roads, July/August 2008

The Effectiveness of the Application of High Friction Surfacing on Crash Reduction – New Zealand Surfacing Conference, 2005

High Friction Surfaces and Other Innovative Pavement Surface Treatments for Reduced Highway Noise – TRB ADC40 Summer Meeting, July 2008

Road Surface Friction: Measurement, Testing, and Accuracy – New Zealand Surfacing Conference, 2005

Higher PSV and Other Aggregate Properties –  New Zealand Surfacing Conference, 2005

Investigative Study of the Italgrip System – Wisconsin DOT, 2008

Evaluation of Innovative Surface Treatments, Volume 3: A Study on the Effectiveness of Tyregrip High Friction Surface Treatment – Florida DOT,  2008

Company Tests High-Friction Road Surface on I-75 Ramp in Weston – South Florida Sun-Sentinel, June 2006

Pilot Test of Heed The Speed – NHTSA, August 2006