Welcome to High Friction Roads!

It has been shown that approximately one quarter of highway fatalities in the United States occur at or near horizontal curves. Contributing factors to these run-off-the-road crashes include excessive vehicle speed, distracted driving, and driver error. At some locations, the deterioration of pavement surface friction may also be a factor, particularly during wet weather.

In an effort to reduce the deaths and injuries that occur along these horizontal curves, the Federal Highway Administration Office of Pavement Technology has initiated the Surface Enhancements At Horizontal Curves (SEAHC) program for the installation and demonstration of friction enhancing treatments at numerous horizontal curves. The goal of this effort is to isolate and demonstrate the effects of increased surface friction on the number of accidents at these select locations.

Under this effort, an emphasis will be placed on pavement surface treatments termed High Friction Surfacing or HFS, which utilize alternative materials such small-sized polish and wear-resistant aggregates bonded to the pavement surface using proprietary resin binders.  For more information on the specific demonstrations, see the SEAHC Demonstration Projects page.


This website provides fundamental information about these HFS materials, as well as specific information about the demonstration projects that will be conducted under this FHWA effort.  For more information, see the websites for the FHWA Office of Pavement Technology and FHWA Office of Safety.